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evacuated because city officials were concerned that jones false might rides to a level that would threaten businesses. that has not happened but i don't know if you tell it has started raining here after a lull of several hours. the other big concern, the mayor just wrapped up a news conference about this, the other big concern is at fell's point t city is asking people to move their cars out of that area because of the potential for flooding. the area that they are concerned about is everywhere south of fleet street from central avenue on the west all the way over to chester on the east. that's a pretty large area and, as you can see, it encompasses all of what you consider fells pointed, main street, all those bars and restaurants down there, as well as the residential neighborhoods both east and west of broadway. that's a pretty large area they are concerned about. they would like people to move cars out of that area. the city has opened up 2 garages not too far from this, one in little italy, another in harbor east that people can
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park their cars in overnight for free as long as the cars are out by 8:00 a.m. the city believes that they are gonna get about 1 to 3 additional inches of rain overnight with the clouds moving out around 2:00 in the morning. so again that big concern going forward is what is going to happen down in fell's point. if there has to be any evacuations they say they have prepared shelters for people who have to be evacuated. that has not happened yet. we'll bring you for amortization and we get it. >> thanks a lot christian. sincer ay this morning the skies have poured out rain that felt like it cas coming from buckets. many of you have sent us pictures. scott humphrey sent australia picture. by the way that's not a reel dog, don't worry. he has sandbags by his car port ready just in case and check out this back yard swimming pool scott now has. hopefully the waters have started to come down just a little bit. as always, we thank you for
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sending in your photos, if you have pictures you can send them to us 24 hours a day at pix at let's get to lie net charles with your first forecast. lynette, how is it. >> still looking not so good. finally we had a bit of a lull but now starting to pick back up and have heavy rain bands, yellows and reds so we're going to be in it as we go through the overnight hours, then it's going to start to move out of here but in the meantime we're watching the water, the flooding situation, and all is the wind gusts, 40 plus miles per hour, tornado watch until 7:00 p.m., we have a flash flood warning until 6:15:00 p.m., and then the rainfall up to 4 to 10". i think along the coast the bay area we're going to definitely be seeing those 10". let micheaux you what is going on as we check it out. we're looking at what is going on in terms of your rainfall, we're looking at this, then we're also going to be looking at your weather net totals t whether net totals are
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definitely fixing up as we go in the time, we're going to be looking at that as well, so we saw about close to 7" now across engineer peer meres, as we check what the is going on in the annapolis, 7.05, let's go ahead and look at the over all picture here, 7.5 in annapolis, 7.74 in edge mere, perry hall, 6.36 and these totals kelly are going to get up from there. like i said we have some more influx of moisture moving up from the south. i'm going to talk about that more coming up but back to you. >> drivers are being reminded it is never ever safe to drive through standing water because you just don't know how deep it is. check out what happened here on jessica avenue and philadelphia road. the driver of this car needed a lot more than the help of the man helping to purchase the car. and at the same 2010 it's clear that the water was wide and deep, just a dangerous situation for anyone out trying to drive around in that area. well it's not just drivers feeling the wrath of the storm.
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business owners are taking a heavy hit from high standing water. joce sterman is live on a few that lost almost everything when the waters began to rise. it's range out there again now joce. >> kelly it is a mess out here. it just started to revamp and reform and got nasty out here a couple minutes ago when the rain started to come down. but this section of poe las key highway is now back open. earlier today it was closed down after serious flooding in that valley down here sent water rushing through several local businesses. [ sirens ] >> reporter: fire engines wail as a swift water team prepares for a rescue along rose water avenue. this boat and crew sit ready to spring into action against the rising water. but the skilled team could do nothing to save the businesses along this flooded road. >> it's coming to my knees so it's pretty much up to the counter now, the cashier counter. it was just fast. we had no time to really do
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anything, pull what we could out. we did what we could. >> reporter: the workers were no match for mother nature though. water filled the business and flooded cars that will need some more extra service. >> to me it's amazing. >> reporter: and across the street at acura manufacturing more amazing damage. lois months says she is stunned at how fast her business was destroyed. >> this water went through the building, it probably all flooded. >> reporter: inside the building and out the water has taken a toll ruining construction supplies and the trucks this company used to deliver them. >> within an hour, maybe hour and a half, it was 4 or 5-foot of water here. >> feel bad about it but nature is taking its course and we can't do anything about that. >> reporter: a power that leaves bystanders power less, left to wait until the rain finally comes to a rest. and people out here on poe las
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key highway did get a bit of a break. earlier this afternoon they started to do a little bit of cleanup at acura manufacturing. they just closed their doors, they are going to assess how they are going to deal with that damage. but i stopped by, saw them trying to flush out a couple of cars, deal with the damage, that was before this started happening. now i'm sure they are crossing their fingers hoping they don't see their floodwaters rise as high as they did earlier today. live in rosedale, joce sterman, abc 2 news. >> thanks joce. all over maryland people are doing a rain dance to try to get people to move away. don harrison is live right now to explain. don. >> reporter: kelly there is a lot of dancing going on out here. it's raining pretty good, it's been raining all day. the sandbags are coming up. at armadillos the water is right at the stoop there and getting ready to come in. one of the business owners told me that in the last two, the last half hour the water level has gone up 2". the chesapeake bay is the largests you the airy stem in
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the united states and it's getting bigger as we said. i went across the bay bridge to take a look at the eastern shore. [ sound of water ] >> over on kent island some marine as have been affected. off we go. michael kate found his boat taking on water and the engine was under water. he is not gonna let that stop him. >> i'm gonna go get the mother running again and put it back in the water for this afternoon i hope. >> reporter: chris dolllar with kent island kayak is well aware of the storm problems. >> we saw it coming, we were paying attention to the weather forecast, and then we pretty much pulled all the bolts up on dry land, lashed them to our racks and secured everything down so it wouldn't either blow away or be affected by any extra high tides. >> reporter: annapolis has been in the brunt of the storm path. the city has activated their emergency management center and is keeping an eye on the situation. some streets have been closed due to flooding.
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these guys just sailed in from south africa on a luxury cat a ma ran. >> we have had more foul weather here at annapolis since arriving than all the way across the atlantic. >> this is what it's all about, this is why we do it. and the worse the weather the better we sail so why not. we'll do it again. how about you? you gonna join us? >> reporter: yes, i am gonna join them, but i'm gonna wait until the sun comes out and when i hear the blender turn on i'm going to step aboard and we'll go for a sail. but right now the weather is not looking good for it. they are talking about high tide a little after 11:00. we'll see what happens then. for now in annapolis, i'm live, don harrison for abc 2 news. >> go dry out. thanks for that report. dunn doc and essex had to deal with flooded areas and other problems from the rain roosevelt leftwich has more on
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that. >> reporter: it was a mess, you had a lot of little roads in neighborhoods that had large pools of standing water. they were water midway up my calf here. it's been a big problem but the problem is it has been not so bad like you saw up in rosedale earlier, in fact this has been more of an issue of this being -- where high water has been more of an inconvenience than a huge problem. for folks along peach orchard drive this dundalk this happens at least twice a year. however, this year, make it that three times. it is sits low and when the water roles, for the matter sons, it's nothing. it's the back yard they are really worried about. that's because their back yard sits right up against peach orchard creek. the ground is covered in water but it hasn't come up to the house yet. they remember isobel and what it did. but the tide isn't high and
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that's a good thing. >> reporter: i was worried a little bit because i was afraid i might have to get out of here again. >> reporter: uh-huh. >> i worry about the high tides when the high tides come in. >> reporter: all through the dundalk and essex areas there was a lot of inconvenient flooding but nothing too serious. this area near back creek was flooded out but not so bad cars couldn't get through. county cruz setup roadblocks and cautioned residents about driving through the water. but while standing water was thankfully just an inconvenience the reel problem more most folks was dealing with things above water. schools let out early sending parents scrambling. essex elementary let out two hours early, that meant leaving two hours early in a pouring rain. some were dealing with this and some other things brought on by all this water. >> lots of debris from the gutters, i went to home depot,
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had to get supplies to get the rain away from the house, you know. >> about noon. >> about noon, yeah. my mother-in-law called and told me. >> so is this a mess up here? >> yes it is. my basement is flooding and -- >> reporter: oh my goodness. >> so, yes, it's a crazy day. >> reporter: it's a crazy day and as you saw a rot of those parents scrambling to get their kids out of the school. the continued rain is going to come down, it actually started range again soon as we've got outside here. continued rain could cause some more school issues tomorrow go to our web site for the latest on that and of course on "good morning maryland" in the morning. reporting live. roosevelt leftwich, abc 2 news. >> as you said, is your place for everything on the weather. we have a live chat going on. remember on the home page you'll also find tips on how to track the rainfall across the state. you can also sign up for breaking news alerts. all right. enough with the driving detuesday and the rain? are you ready to take a gamble?
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a reel gamble? the new casino opened without disappointment. details ahead. real real
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kids all over the state got a get out of school pass with tall flooding.e his parents were scrambling to pick up their little ones. >> nicole it is no longer an official tropical storm. >> weather reports throughout the day warned about possible flooding and pending storms. in half tee greats at concord point light house people were securing their boats and watching the waves pound ashore. 4-year-old jasmine, she was having fun, playing in the puddles and kathy and her son wanted to get up close and personal with the pending storm. >> right now the waves are real high, the water is going, this is the highest i have seen. and we just came out to enjoy it. >> harford county has an excellent emergency warning
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system ha helps residents be prepared when schools are affected. >> they have a county system where they notify everybody in the county. >> reporter: y oh. >> of an impending situation, a tornado, we've got it last night, very good, very clear, and pretty straight forward. we got another one 2 to 3 this morning from the school board. >> we have had 7 or 8, we have had one in habit agrace, 6 or 7 throughout the county. >> reporter: the susquehanna hose company is on standby throughout the evening and all ready at a moment's notice. in half eye tee grace, manny lock, abc 2 news. >> we have just received news harford county schools will open two hours late tomorrow morning with no pre-k. now the forecast from maryland's most powerful doppler radar. >> looks like the latest round is rolling in. >> it is rolling in. a lot of people thought we were
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out have the woods, but oh no. we had a lull, back in here. we are going to get heavy rain. we have totals over 7" and once this comes through, oh boy, yeah. so luckily, though, in the forecast we'll have time to start to clean things up because i do have a dry forecast. i'll tell you all about that exactly. we'll show you what is going on right now because in towson that temperature at 73 degrees so it was a warm rain. that's the one thing we can say about it. as we check out the rain look at the gusts, 41 miles per hour? wow. the rainfall total, 3.16, and that's gonna go up because, like i said, we do have some more rain moving in here. check out the current conditions in to annapolis right now, 7.09, the rainfall total there, that temperature coming in at 73 degrees. then we're looking at your rainfall totals once again. check out edge mere, every time i show you this graphic and i keep on showing it to you, you can see how these totals are adding up. 6.39 to perry hall, 3. '09 to
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ga win oaks. this has been holding steady. these right along the bay here that are definitely going to start to come up. even aberdeen around 4.02, so we're looking at some totals that could be close to 10" when we're all said and done here. we're also looking at a tornado watch that's in effect until 7:00 and we're looking at maryland's most powerful radar right now and you can see most of the action starting to fill back in. the lightest moderate. the dark green is kind of moderate as you look at the light green, kind of light, towson is right on the corner, going to start to fill this that area. as we look towards the east we see the yellow, those oranges, that's when we're starting to get in the heavier rain. that's what we'll get. once we start to see the red move back in, this is all over gerina into middletown. chester town and centreville. so as we go through time you're definitely going to see things winding back up t flood warnings are in effect still and they'll continue to do so
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because we just have it for everywhere. what we're really concerned with is the fact that we do have high tide coming in here. so as we check that out in the fell's point that comes in at 12:53 in the morning and annapolis at 11:14 this evening, with that southerly know, oh yes, we're going to definitely get that push of moisture of water coming across the area. even more water. so here is a look at your satellite radar, you can see some of the rain starting to come in, testify research rain, this is what we're getting right now, this first rain here, then this next wave. i don't even want to say the first wave because we have had waves all morning long. areas of low pressure, little disturbances riding along an old frontal boundary, you're going to couple in the remnants of nicole so we have lots of moisture coming in here and we had this now but as we go in the time we're going to start to see plenty of sunshine pack in the forecast for a clean up especially as we go into saturday.
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sending this back over to you kelly. >> all right. it didn't stop people from checking out the new hollywood casino in perryville. they were joined for the new grand opening and take a look at how the casino has benefitted the local economy. >> here we go. come on baby. >> reporter: it was miserable and wet outside. inside ... >> 3, 2, 1. >> reporter: ... they still celebrate requested a ribbon-cutting ceremony one month early of maryland's first casino. >> our economy is changing. we're creating new opportunities for tourism and economic growth here in cecil county. >> we're looking for this casino to be the anchor store for further development with this 140 acres, retail, other entertainment. >> i love that sound. >> reporter: inside the casino will be 150-seat buffet, grille and gift shop. outside ample parking for 1600
6:21 pm
cars and for the people of pa raise oh, jobs. >> the casino at opening hired 350 people. they had over 3,000 that applied for jobs. >> kim townly was a stay-at home mom. >> i've had a job in two years. i went to their career fair or their information sessions, interviews, and i got hired here. >> i was unemployed before this, i was on maternity leave, the school i was walking at actually closed and i got employed here 4 months afterwards and i'm very blessed to be here. >> these machines are hitting good. >> in perryville. >> yeah. less than a week ago, a few days before the komen maryland race for the cure, arizona tourism paid tribute to those involved in the fight against breast cancer, we'll introduce you to another survivor who has given back. >> about 16 years ago i felt a lump in my left breast, i went
6:22 pm
to my groin cole gist, my biopsy came back malignant. i truly truly believe that self- examination and being your own advocate is so important in finding cancer and finding it early. early detection, i think, is the most important thing because when you find it early and i was very, very lucky i didn't even have to go through chemotherapy. so you know, you can beat this, but you have to be your own advocate and know your own body and be persistent.
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state's cancer treatment program. andy harris' extreme ideas will cost us. ♪ storyteller: hey diddle diddle the cat and the fiddle the cow jumped over the moon. then quickly fell back to earth, landing on the roof of a dutch colonial. luckily, geico recently helped the residents with homeowners insurance. they were able to get the roof repaired like new. they later sold the cow, because they had all become lactose intolerant. call geico and see how much you could save on homeowners insurance.
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again
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tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do. all right. what's it looking like. >> it's looking like the seven day is going to be improving. friday is going to be breezy in the morning showers then we clear out. plenty of sunshine saturday and sunday for the cure. oh yes, we're looking pretty good. then monday 65 degrees, a little bit cooler but as we go through not too bad so i think you'll like the seven-day. >> as long as it is done by this weekend. >> exactly. it is. >> 6:00. thanks for joining us, back tonight at 11:00. have a good evening.
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my dad is the supervisor of a train station and my mom's a teacher. my dad's an auto technician. my mom's a receptionist. i'm not sure i would have been able to afford college without the tuition freeze. while tuition in other states is rising out of reach... governor o'malley made the tough choice to freeze tuition. he made my dream of going to college into a reality. i'm the first in my family to go to college. my brother and i never would have been able to afford college. even though times were tough... governor o'malley kept his promise. there's never a doubt... there's never a doubt whose side he's on. martin o'malley... moving maryland forward.
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old gibbs canning company. today these factories are full of dot com businesses. and now my job is helping maryland create new economy jobs. training new math and science teachers investing in our institutions of excellence pioneering new cyber security jobs
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and giving an old gm plant a jump start building electric motors. i'm barbara mikulski. i approve this message so you'll know i'm fighting for you. tonight on "world news," homes on the brink. thousands of people desperate to

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